Office Cleaning

Don't Force Employees to Work in an Unsanitary Office

Get office sanitizing services in Lafayette, LA

Did you know that the average office desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat? If that fact made you think twice about touching your desk, reach out to Going Green Janitorial & Flooring Service, LLC. We're proud to provide office disinfecting services for business owners throughout the Lafayette, LA area. All of our sanitization products are eco-friendly, human-safe and GMO-free.

To protect your employees from the spread of germs, sign up for office sanitizing services today.

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3 reasons to clean your office regularly

In addition to offering office sanitizing services, we also do regular cleaning. Hire us to clean your carpets, bathrooms, offices, conference rooms and breakrooms.

By keeping your office clean, you'll be:

  1. Making a better first impression on customers
  2. Increasing your staff's satisfaction with their jobs
  3. Preventing the spread of illness throughout your office

Don't wait to clean your workspace from top to bottom. Dial 337-342-7766 now to schedule office disinfecting services.